Guangxi Ramway New Energy Corp., Ltd.
Main categories: Li-Ion Battery,Primary Lithium Battery,Li-MnO2 Battery,LiSOCl2 Battery,LiSO2Cl2 Battery

  Guangxi RAMWAY New Energy Corp., Ltd., is a professional high-tech enterprise which is invested by Singapore Ramway Science and Technology Group specialized in the integration of lithium battery R&D, production, Marketing, and related technical services. 


  We ourselves have bought nearly 270 thousands square meters of land in Wuzhou Industrial Park Guangxi Province, and have built our first modern factory production plant nearly 12,000 square meters for manufacturing and development lithium battery and associated production.


  RAMWAY is popular in primary lithium battery industry with international advanced technology and gathering authoritative experts engaged in lithium thional chloride battery and lithium manganese dioxide battery.